How to get involved in your Parish

There are many ways that you can help!


We need Readers for both Sunday and weekday Masses. If you would like to join the rota to read, please contact Declan Dixon at


Welcomers help out at the back of the Church before and after Sunday Masses. They help hand out hymn books, missallettes and newsletters. They organise the collection and Offertory Procession and are generally on hand to help with any queries that may arise. If you would like to help, please speak to Michael in The Parish Office. 

Altar Servers  

We invite men and boys to help serve Mass. For more information please contact our Parish Master of Ceremonies Chuzzy on 0752 209 4703 or

Handmaids of Mary 

We invite women and girls to act as Handmaids at Mass if you would like to become a Handmaid of Mary, please contact Anastasia on 0777 596 3090.


If you can sing! and would like to join the choir at the 9.30am Mass. (If you can play the organ we could use your services as well) Please speak to our Co-Director of Music, Marguerite Kinsella at 9.30am Mass on Sundays.

Tea and Coffee 

We have tea and coffee after the Sunday morning Masses in the hall. If you would like to go on the rota to help:

For the 9.30am Mass, please contact Kate on 0775 703 1310 

For the 11.30am Mass please contact Clare on 0788 954 5658 or email

Church Cleaners

We need people to help clean the church on a weekly basis – you could form a team with friends and then spread the load. please speak to Michael in the Parish Office for more information. 


We have a rota of people who arrange flowers in the Church each week (except during Advent & Lent) If you would like to help, please contact Janet on 0791 080 2773 or


We need money counters. The weekly collection is usually counted on a Monday and takes about an hour. There is a rota and people usually count once a month/ six weeks. No experience is needed you just need to be able to count – If you would like to help please speak to Michael in the Parish Office for more information. 


We have a small repository in the Parish Hall that is usually open on  Sunday mornings – selling religious cards, statues, rosaries and other religious items. If you would like to help with this, please speak to Kate on 0775 703 1310.

Little Cherubs Playgroup

Little Cherubs Playgroup is looking for volunteers! The playgroup runs weekly on a Monday morning after Mass (10.30am) until noon, and we are looking for additional help so that a rota can be set up. Please contact if you are able to help.