Installation of The Most Rev. John Wilson as Archbishop of Southwark

Live Broadcast on Thursday 25th July 2019 from 11.50 am

We are pleased to be able to inform all parishes that the Diocese intends to live-broadcast the Installation of the Most Reverend John Wilson as Archbishop of Southwark from St George’s Cathedral next Thursday, 25th July 2019. The aim is to enable each parishioner (and those beyond) to engage with this important new beginning for Southwark.

The broadcast will take place via the RC Southwark YouTube Channel.  Please do let your parishioners know this weekend that if they are not able to join us in person, they are welcome to tune-in from 11.50 am on the day (the actual service will commence at 12 noon).  All they need to do is place the following link in their browser.

You can also link instantly from this email to the YouTube icon at the base of the message.

In line with this exciting new era for the Diocese, live-streaming content is new territory for Southwark, so we hope you will bear with us in the case of any unforeseen technical difficulties.  We look forward to welcoming everyone in person or via the broadcast on the day.

Those parishes with appropriate technology that wish to broadcast the Installation from their own website are welcome to apply for the embed code. Please email